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driving slow [oneshot]

Title: driving slow (on sunday morning)
Author: salted_taiyaki
Pairing(s): Jonghyun x Key
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3276
Summary: jonghyun tells kibum that they should take the morning off, so they do with a ride around town.

a/n: wrote after listening to sunday morning by maroon 5 haha.

kibum wakes up to feel only the rough underside of his covers wrapped lovingly around his arms and legs, and for him, it's not enough.  he sighs before twisting his body to check how the others are doing and they're all asleep, save for jonghyun whose bed is oddly empty.  a brow arches up before he can stop it (and he hates doing that because it just makes his temples throb in the most uncomfortable fashion) and he grumbles something about jonghyun falling asleep at the table again.  (he has this odd habit of getting up in the middle of the night and sitting alone with a half empty mug—his pink panther mug—of warm milk tea in his rough hands, and kibum knows, and sometimes it scares him.)

he stumbles out of their stuffy bedroom and keeps the door open because the boys need it, into the bathroom, and as he rounds the corner into the kitchen with a usual grim frown of disapproval in place, he jumps.  jonghyun isn't there, and the mug isn't either.  eyes narrowed, he pushes open a window and then makes his way to the living room with a groan trailing around lazily at his feet.  no, jonghyun isn't in the living room either, and the tv isn't even sparking quietly in its usual gaiety.  he sighs.  this is not a typical sunday morning.

"kibum-ah," someone calls out rather chipperly from behind him and said man cocks a brow, throws a quick look over hunched shoulders.  jonghyun stands at the corner of the foyer with a basket (a basket?) in his arms, small smile resembling the cute boy from two years ago.  he waves once, points to their shoes, and then throws open the front door.

usually his honed instincts would kick in and he'd roll his eyes and mumble "they need breakfast" but the expectant eyes on him make him shift and squirm uncomfortably before he grabs a sweater thrown about on the floor (he didn't even know if it was his, but as the sleeves rolled down his fingers, he figures it's minho's) and follows after the brunet.

"where are we going?" kibum groggily croaks as he rubs at his eyes.

jonghyun smiles.  "just a small trip."

"a small trip," kibum murmurs as they slip through the front door of their dorms, "usually means—"  he stops in his tracks when his eyes spot the small bicycle parked in front of them.  "what is that?"

"a horse-drawn carriage," the brunet jokes with a lighthearted step in his words, and he kicks up the stand with a swift kick of his foot.  "i figured your little girlie bike was too small, so—"

"hey," snaps the rapper as he pushes past jonghyun and sits on the leather seat, brows furrowed.  "that is a pretty bike."

jonghyun rolls his eyes a bit before shifting a behind behind kibum, the basket nestling oddly between them.  he grunts and huffs to find the right spot, and kibum feels a little tickling sensation spread from the nape of his neck down and he grumbles, "what're you doing?"

"take off!" jonghyun suddenly exclaims and then he pushes off on a foot, causing kibum to shout and flail a bit.  "the handles, kibum, the handles, grab them!"

he does so to avoid imminent deathand naturally his feet begin to pedal.  "jonghyun, why am i pedaling?"

jonghyun doesn't answer as he closes his eyes and lets his fingers skirt kibum's shoulders.

"kim jonghyun."

kibum slams both of his feet down onto the pavement, nearly launching the unaware singer off the bike and onto the streets headfirst. 

"fine, you little princess," jonghyun grumbles but the smile on his lips shows that he's more than willing, so they take a few seconds to rearrange themselves and once kibum has his feet on the hub of the wheel, he throws his hands up in the air and presses his body against jonghyun's back for support, cackles wickedly.

"now pedal, my slave!"  jonghyun snorts.

they struggle down the sidewalk and by the time they reach the corner, jonghyun huffs laboriously, "i don't think i can do this."

"it was your idea," kibum mulls but with a shrug of his shoulders, he hops off and decides to walk on his own.  jonghyun raises a brow, kicks forward with his feet and lets the wheels roll on their own.  "so where are we going, anyway?"

"i don't know," jonghyun smiles a bit and kicks again.  "i just thought we could have some time off."

kibum scoffs, "meanwhile, jinki's set the kitchen on fire and taemin's fallen out of the bathroom window."

jonghyun's face falls.  "well gee, mr. pessimist, thanks for dampening my morning."

"i'm just kidding," he chuckles as he grips the basket in his hands a bit more firmly.  "what's in here, anyway?"  the rapper opens one of the flaps and peers in to find roughly cut slices of bread, and he blinks.

"let's go to the han river."  kibum looks up from the toasted bread and stares blankly at the brunet who smiles in return.  "i want to feed the geese."

and so they make their way down for thirty minutes, an hour, switching on and off the bike every two blocks.  by the time they reach a bench that kibum likes, jonghyun's busy wiping the sweat off the palms of his hands.  "this weather sucks."

"you were the one—"

"yeah, yeah," jonghyun dismisses the remark with a wave of his hand, and he plops down on the hard wood.  "gimme the bread."

kibum huffs indignantly before handing over the basket with a toss.  "honestly, you're wasting good bread here."

a light chuckle falls from jonghyun's lips as he murmurs, "i don't think it's a waste.  they need food, too."

"but they always manage to find it on their own."

"still, it doesn't hurt to help every once in a while."

looking up from his clasped hands, kibum gives jonghyun a long stare.  "you're too good for your own good."  jonghyun laughs obnoxiously like he always does.  "i'm serious."

"you're just too spoiled," jonghyun jokes with a scrunch of his nose and then he pokes the rapper in the cheek with an index finger.  disgustedly kibum swats the finger away.

the rapper pouts, "sure, whatever."  jonghyun leans in closer with those imploring eyes and eventually he tugs kibum out of his dazed state with a flick of his finger against his nose.

"i'm just joking.  we're all spoiled in one way or another."  kibum rolls his eyes again.  "i'm serious.  you spoil me."

"oh, please," kibum makes a retching noise as he shimmies away from the brunet, and jonghyun laughs.  "if you're thinking about getting all sentimental on me, don't even."

jonghyun hums softly.  "you make breakfast, you wash clothes, you help me choose outfits—hey, i'm being serious here."

chuckling, kibum hides his face behind a hand and snorts, "you're such a loser."

"yeah," jonghyun chimes, "but i'm your loser."

breathing in softly, kibum doesn't respond and stares at his clasped hands in silence, eyes boring holes into the material of his jeans.  jonghyun doesn't say anything either, suddenly feeling the air of discomfort as he shifts a bit, to the left, then to the right, and then he throws his arm over the back of the bench and completely faces kibum, brows knit.

"i'm sorry."  the brunet looks down at the space between their legs, so narrow, just enough to fit a hand.  "i didn't—"

"no," kibum quickly interrupts, but his eyes still don't leave his knees, "don't apologize."

jonghyun, reaching down for the basket by his foot, decides to spend his time shredding up the bread before throwing it at nonexistent geese flocking around them.  and to his left, kibum sneaks a look, quietly, eyes forlorn.

finally, after jonghyun finishes littering the path with bread, the brunet stands up on a patch of lonely, dry grass and glances out towards the river.  "where do you want to go?"

"i don't care."

jonghyun pulls the bike closer to him by the handle, watches the stand get scratched up with each impatient tug.  with a sigh, kibum stands up and softly skirts his fingers over jonghyun's shoulder.

"why don't we go to the bookstore or something?"

confused, the brunet turns around to face kibum with one eyebrow arched, lips pulled back in distaste.  "the bookstore?  like, not even a video store, but a bookstore?"

"i want some books to read," kibum murmurs and immediately jonghyun nods, his neck on the verge of snapping as he quickly stutters, "yeah, the bookstore!  let's go, let's go be the first customers."  and then he quickly ushers the raven onto the bike, ignoring the stares from people on the street.

as kibum kicks quietly along the sidewalk, jonghyun whistles cheerfully and the basket swings freely by his side, hopping every once in a while when he jumps on and off the curb.  kibum finds himself humming along to the melodies and then stops, "why're you humming kids' songs?"

"they were playing it when we passed by the park," jonghyun laughs.  "got stuck in my head."

kibum slowly nods as a smile spreads his lips, the warmth infectious.  suddenly jonghyun twists his shoulders in his hands and points noiselessly at the rustic sign swinging in the morning breeze, finger wagging up and down in front of his crossed eyes.

they enter the small bookstore, a two by two, and they brush shoulders uncomfortably within the tight spaces of the shelves.  as kibum scans the books with his finger running across the spines, jonghyun bristles about and shakes his arms.  by the time kibum lets out the fifth disappointed sign, he throws his hands up (evidently the copy of the giving tree he had, and then smacks it against the shelf behind him and shouts). 

"what're you looking for anyway?" when kibum's cheeks turn a bright bright red, jonghyun cocks a brow.  "what, porn?"

"i—what're you talking about?" kibum splutters.  "this is the children's section!"

jonghyun chuckles, "i was just kidding, jeez."  he stands on his toes and scans the top row, his hands grabbing at random books and after he chooses four, he turns to kibum and presents his picks.

he watches kibum's face brighten at the third title and jonghyun knowingly smiles, adds a mental check to his list, and when he can't stop his laugh, kibum quickly snatches away the book from his open palms.

"aw, how cute," the brunet teases, fingers pinching red skin, and he watches in amusement as kibum's face burns an unhealthy red, so red that jonghyun's sure that he'll burn the building down.  unconsciously he makes a move for the book again.  "i'll buy."

kibum's eyes narrow.  "no.  don't even."  he adds for a note of finality, "i'm paying for it, jonghyun."

the brunet snorts and then raises his hands up in defeat before turning on his heels to head for the front of the store.  his eyes soft, kibum watches jonghyun with a slightly disappointed heart for a few more seconds before a deafening, obnoxious ring makes him still completely.  he rounds the shelf quickly and spots jonghyun handing the cashier a bill, and just as the brunet turns around to throw him a smirk, the cashier slips the bill in.  and then, when nervousness finally strikes jonghyun (because a mad kibum is a scary kibum), he stutters to the cashier, something like "keep the change, keep it!" and then dashes out the door, away from the seething raven.

stomping out of the bookshop, kibum points accusingly at the brunet, "why—"

"look, convenience store," jonghyun laughs nervously and then he takes the bike to pedal down the street for a few seconds, leaving kibum utterly pissed, "let's get something to eat here!"

"kim jonghyun!"  kibum stalks after the brunet who freely laugh, head thrown back to look up at the sky.  he loses his words at the sight, the bitterness tingling his tongue dissolving with each soft breath under the wavering sun.  "jonghyun."

jonghyun finally turns around, lips upturned cockily.  "i want some kimbap, let's get that."

"we have some at home," kibum mumbles before he shrugs his shoulders quickly and then slips into the cool convenience store.  "but whatever, i want ice cream."  chuckling, the brunet kicks down the stand of their bike and hangs the basket on the handle, following suit by slithering into the summer's oasis.  he groans aloud as the cool air tickles his skin, and kibum rolls his eyes at his childish antics.  "you act as if we don't have an ac at home."

with a snort jonghyun groans, "we don't," as he runs his eyes over the display of food, "because minho broke it again, god damn it."

"oh, you baby."  the rapper's eyes crinkle as jonghyun throws him a pitiful look.  instead the older boy holds out his shirt to form a pocket and throws in some kimbap and other snacks.  kibum watches in distaste as the material stretches, and unconsciously his hand reaches out to tap jonghyun on the arm.  "don't, you'll ruin it."

"it's just a shirt," jonghyun jokes, but when he catches the slightly hurt look crossing kibum's eyes, he stutters, "kibum-ah, i'm just kidding.  i love this shirt, all right?"  he grabs a basket and drops everything into it, holding it up in front of him with knit brows.  "sorry?"

kibum shrugs his shoulders, though his slightly twisted lips can't hide the happiness that blooms in his heart (and jonghyun sighs because he definitely doesn't want a mopey kibum on his hands).  "it is pretty old, though."

"doesn't matter, you still got it for my birthday."  jonghyun lightly pushes the rapper further down the aisle.  "come on, go get your ice cream already."

they linger near the frozen foods section and stand there, jonghyun with his mouth gaping and kibum with his eyes burning holes into the back of the idiot's head, until kibum looks down at his ice cream and goes, "this is gonna melt."

jonghyun sets down the basket at the counter with a huff, ready to pull out his wallet, but something catches his eye and he wills his hand to stop.  he slowly gazes at the small display of plastic wrapped packages on the corner of the glass counter top and, after much mulling, he yanks one out himself.  he throws a glance over his shoulder to see where kibum is and then throws it on top of the other items, quickly sliding the money over the counter.  once he grabs the plastic bags, he fishes around for the small package.  kibum returns from his trip to the frozen section again, a lopsided grin plastered on his face.

"did you have fun?" jonghyun laughs and kibum mimes him, his typical silly face replacing the fatigue in his eyes.  he smiles.  "let's go, i bet they miss us."

jonghyun finally arranges themselves to fit on the bike and as he laboriously pedals down the street, kibum quietly licking his ice cream behind him, he sighs aloud.  "today was nice, wasn't it?"

kibum hums.  slowly he lowers the cone in front of jonghyun's face, startling the brunet.  "want some?"

eyes crinkling, jonghyuns guffaws loudly, and as his shoulders shake, kibum feels his whole body buzz.  he takes a bite of the ice cream and licks his lips.  as they round the corner, jonghyun throws him a small smile and then lets his feet hit the asphalt, halting them in their smooth-sailing journey back home.  after rummaging through his pocket for a few seconds, jonghyun whips out a familiar plastic wrapper and kibum groans.

"you know, pd noona just wanted us to—"

"will you marry me, kibum?"

kibum's face blanches, then reddens, and then finally settles as a frown sets in.  "stop fooling with me, jonghyun."

however he quickly dismisses the disapproval in kibum's voice and fumbles with the packaging.  he pulls out the multicolored candy bracelet and dangles it between his fingers.  "will you marry me?  you don't have a kid anymore, there's nothing holding you down."  he gets off the seat and kibum follows suit, thin arms crossed over his chest.  "so why don't we get married?"

kibum pulls his hand back, his eyes flickering down to the ground, disgruntled, "jonghyun, i really don't—"

"fine," jonghyun sighs heavily but it's full of understanding as he tenderly reaches out and grabs kibum's wrist.  "we won't be married, we won't be lovers."  he pats kibum's small hand.  "let's just be friends forever then."

the rapper bites his lip and finally lets jonghyun slip the bracelet on.  "fine."  and when jonghyun gives him a small, small smile, kibum hears the loudest pang from his heart fill his ears.  "i—"

"we're right around the corner."  jonghyun hops onto the pedal and points to the seat .  "let's go!"

they walk up the stairs quietly, with occasional one-liners from jonghyun as they travel up the flights.  kibum only nods to what he says, sometimes throws in a yes or a no.  when they reach the front door, jonghyun holds up the plastic bags.  "do i have to share?"

kibum rolls his eyes.  "no, jonghyun."  and then they laugh quietly together before jonghyun pulls out the book from the basket and hands it to kibum, pushes the door open with his hip to see three curious faces greeting them.

"where were you?" jinki moans.  "i was dying!"

"well, the kitchen looks intact," jonghyun notes as he ignores the leader and beelines his way to the cupboard.  jinki's jaw drops and kibum laughs, taps the older boy on the cheek.

"hey, hyung," taemin pipes as he hops off the couch and yanks the book from his hands to read the back cover, "where'd you get that bracelet?"

jinki's eyes trail down to his wrist as well and kibum flushes.

"it, i—" he stutters, and jonghyun's head pops out from the kitchen, brows raised and lips curled.  "i just wanted candy but i was too busy to eat it."  and then he quickly lifts his wrist to his mouth and crushes a few pieces between his teeth.  taemin cocks his head.

"i want some," the youngest jokes and tugs on the elastic band but kibum quickly pulls his wrist back with a sharp "no."  the two stare at each other before taemin laughs, "hyung, i was just joking."  he gives kibum the book back and then sits in front of the rotating fan.

nervous eyes scan the room and then land on a messy head of brown bobbing up and down from the kitchen entrance, and red ears pick up muffled laughter.  he stalks towards the kitchen and huffs at the sight of jonghyun on the ground, rolling around in silent laughter, his shoulders picking up and down with each labored breath.

"i hate you," kibum hisses but his tight lips eventually melt and he laughs too.  "honestly."

jonghyun picks himself up and then pats kibum on the shoulder.  "love you, too."

kibum looks up at jonghyun for a second longer than he should before he leans forward and softly presses his lips on jonghyun's cheeks, the quiet word of thanks fluttering past his ear.  he quickly shuffles out of the kitchen in sheer embarrassment.

the brunet, however, stays planted in his spot on the tiled kitchen floor, lips tingling and cheeks burning.  shy fingers skirt the small expanse that kibum's lips brushed and the cheekiest smile splits his lips.

just a little longer, jonghyun thinks.  he turns to look out the window, to see that his sunday morning's just started.


it's funny, this was supposed to actually be really fluffy and was supposed to have them all touchy feely and loving and all, but the more i thought about their relationship, the more i felt that kibum was kind of guilty for being in it (for several obvious reasons, i mean).  i don't know, i tried making it bittersweet but sigh i finished this like a week or two after i started it, so eh, it might be detached somewhere in the middle.  hope you guys enjoyed it though :)
Tags: !fanfic, @oneshot, pairing: jonghyun/key, rating: pg-13
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